Friday, June 12, 2009

A Busy Week in Perry County

While my main job at the Herald is "advertising director," all of us wear many hats. By "all of us," I mean all both of us full-time employees. John Allan and I had an interesting week this week.
Anyway, here was the week at a glance:
Monday: lunch at The Shack...Mayor Long was there. Topics we discussed with the mayor included John Allan's shoes, the landfill, and voter fraud.
Tuesday: more landfill/coal ash news came to us. At the county commission meeting, there was yet another round of revenue commissioner v. county commission. Also, we got reamed by one of the commissioners for our coverage of the coal ash coming to the landfill.
Wednesday: deadline day. We couldn't finish our graduation special section because we were lacking a list of graduates from one of the high schools. We couldn't meet our regular deadline because more and more information kept coming in. Frustrating day.
Thursday: paper gets printed and distributed. We get a visit from a county commissioner. Fun stuff.
Friday: Money comes in from advertising and newspaper sales. Money goes out to various bills. More information about the landfill comes out. Stay tuned.

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